Mary Chin, Founder of Moringaga and Superfood Aficionado



Moringaga is sourced from the southern part of India which is the homeland of Moringa Oleifera for centuries. The supplier holds USDA organic certification and the plant is sustainably farmed from India's naturally enriched Western Ghats Eco Soil. Moringaga is submitted through a series of lab tests and in-depth microbial analysis to ensure strict quality control and confirm its nutritional information before packing. This guarantees every pack being sold conveys the intention of truly spreading the goodness of Moringaga.



Our mission is to help you discover the healing, energy and longevity power within you. We do this through education and providing the most nutrient-dense, organic and additive-free superfood on the planet, Moringaga. When incorporated into your daily diet, this magical gorgeous green powder can serve as a comprehensive, versatile and natural source of vital nutrients and vitamins.